Landed on the Moon

by Alan D Moore



Moody, piano-driven alternative with swirling synths; a song about coming back to reality.


How did we get here
where are we even at
yesterday, we were flying high
Then it ended in a blinding flash.
They don't speak our language
they don't know our names
Nothing's familiar
No one looks at us the same.

There's a smoking crater behind us
I remember the sickening Boom
Looks like we've landed on the Moon.

Nothing's alive here
there's barely a breeze
and there's only passion and action
for the people on the TV screen.
Just unfathomed acres
of barren dead dirt
I can't believe that a place this lonely
Could ever exist on Earth.

And the smoking crater behind us
is the only thing that breaks up the gloom
Looks like we've landed on the Moon.

Can we get home again?
Tell me it's so, I want to go.
Where are you going my friend?
Don't leave me 'lone
Don't leave me here on my own.

There's a smoking crater behind us
And it looks like it's sealed our doom
Looks like we've landed
All hope abandoned
Looks like we're stranded
On the Moon.


released August 1, 2003
Alan D Moore - all the stuff.




Alan D Moore Franklin, Tennessee

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